Advertise with Blue Grass Drive-In

Blue Grass Drive-In offers two huge screens, and all digital projection making it easy to advertise with us.

We have multiple types of ad offerings this season including our brand new TONIGHT Tickets, On-screen Advertising, and Below-screen advertising. We are open to all types of partnerships so if you have an idea feel free to contact us.

TONIGHT Tickets are a great new addition the drive-in. Your business chooses how many TONIGHT Tickets you want to purchase for each month. Blue Grass Drive-In then schedules the days your tickets will be given away once a month. We will use your brand to advertise the ticket giveaways via social media, email, and at the drive-in. You get to pick exactly how many tickets are given to the public and how many are reserved for your business to use. Tickets reserved for your use are via professionally printed movie tickets that are perfect to give to customers, employees, friends or family. Optional add-ons include custom tickets, on-screen advertising, and other bonus kit items.

On-Screen Advertising is a great choice for grabbing attention before the show and during intermission. This is a great place to show off your business or upcoming event. Advertise on-screen for as few as one week, and as many as the full 32 weeks (plus) season. We say 32 weeks because we know that will be the minimum number of weeks we’ll be open. Choose between still images or full on moving pictures and video. Ad spaces are sold in 15, and 30 second still images or a 30-second video. Music appropriate for all ages will be played over the FM frequency during still images, and audio of your choosing will be played with the 30-second video package.

Below-Screen Advertising is another option that we believe gives service providers and other businesses a great option for ad space that will be visible even before it is dark enough for us to turn the projectors on. Even during daytime events, such as a planned car show, your ad space will be visible. Our screens are 48 feet wide. We are constructing a sign frame that is 4’x48′. Ad spaces are available in 1 foot wide by 4-foot tall sections.

If you have ANY questions. Please don’t hesitate to email or call!

email: [email protected]
phone: (563) 381-8888