Advertising in 2019

TONIGHT Ticket’s are new for 2019! Our visitors will get a chance each week to reserve tickets that are good for one night only. Our sponsors will get a chance to connect with our customers in a whole new way.

From our opening, the only way for sponsors to connect with customers at Blue Grass Drive-In was via on-screen advertising or full theater buyouts. Our biggest goal is to break out from classic display ads and create meaningful connections between our visitors and our sponsors.

Here is how it works. Your business chooses how many TONIGHT Tickets you want to purchase for each month. Blue Grass Drive-In then schedules the days your tickets will be given away once a month. We will use your brand to advertise the ticket giveaways via social media, email, and at the drive-in. You get to pick exactly how many tickets are given to the public and how many are reserved for your business to use. Tickets reserved for your use are via professionally printed movie tickets that are perfect to give to customers, employees, friends or family. Optionally you can add custom printed tickets with your company branding.

Scheduling the giveaways in advance gives you a chance to promote on your own and at the drive-in on movie day. We are excited about the flexibility that this offers organizations of all sizes. There are packages ranging from a single ticket to an entire screen buyout.

What could be better? Folks get a chance at free tickets, you unlock a whole new advertising platform, and we all get to watch great movies!